The Battle of Bzura Museum

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Our museum is located in Sochaczew town 60 kilometers west of Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. We own the greatest collection of weapons, equipment, uniforms and other relics from September Campaign of 1939, especially conected with the Bzura River Battle - the biggest Ally offensive engagement against Wehrmacht in early years of World War II. Besides the 1939 War, we also show memorabilia from the first global conflict in XX century related with a trench war in 1915, which lasted over Bzura river during The Great War.

Headquaters of Bzura Batlle Museum in Sochaczew, Poland

Finally we present antiques and archives regarding history of Sochaczew Land (including archeology, middle age time and history of our town before World War II). Ocassionaly we organise temporary exhibitions, mainly referring painting, handicraft or Polish modern art.

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