Permanent exhibitions

We present our collections of exhibits on four premanent exposures. The largest one is about Bzura River Battle in 1939 complemented by memorabilia from Sochaczew’s occupation time, Warsaw Uprising 1944 and fights in the end of the WWII period. Bzura Battle exhibition precedes collection of war equipment from the Bzura and Rawka Rivers trench battles in 1915. Heavy equipment (artillery guns and battle vehicles) are presented on an open-air exhibit. Finally, the last one part is about ancient times of our town history presented at archeological exhibition.

Word War Two Exhibition

1939 Bzura River Battlefield

Main part of this exposure are weapons, equipment, uniforms, photos and documents regarding Polish Army soldiers who fought in the Bzura River Battle in September 1939.

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The Great War

Trench War at Eastern Front 1915

wystawa pierwsza wojna światowa
“All Quiet on the Bzura Front” is an unique exhibition in Poland related with the fights in trenches in central Poland in 1915 where one of the earlier gas attacks in the history happend.

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Open-air exhibition

World War Two heavy equipment

wystawa plenerowa sprzętu Wojska PolskiegoIn the museum’s yard we present artillery guns, vehicles and other heavy equipment of Polish Army.

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Archeological exhibition

Ancient history of Sochaczew Land

wystawa archeologiczna
Archeological exhibition shows the oldest history of Sochaczew’s region – from the ancient times until Middle Age.

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